Conditioning Hair ButterHibiscus, Shikakai & Tamarind

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Strengthens + Conditions + Reduces Hairfall

Protect your hair, the tried and tested way: Shikakai is an excellent ingredient for strengthening and nourishing your hair and scalp. The hair butter prevents split ends, strengthens your hair from the roots while preventing breakage and hair fall. Get that silky-smooth hair: You can now get silky-smooth hair, minus all the harsh chemicals! The buttery-soft hair butter ensures the goodness of Hibiscus makes your hair smooth, silky and easy to manage. Reduces dryness and hairfall: Tamarind is nature's gift for strong, thick and moisturised hair. The naturally occurring ingredient helps strengthen your hair follicles, aids in hair growth and keeps your hair free from dryness! Maintains your scalp's natural oil balance: Strong products clean your scalp but dry it out in the process. With the deep-conditioning hair mask, both your hair and scalp get just the right amount of hydration. The combination of Hibiscus and Shikakai keeps your scalp excess oil-free and hair hydrated at the same time! Suitable For: All Hair Types. All our products are Cruelty Free and Dermatologically Tested.