1. What is Emusa?
    Ans- Emusa is a exclusive online marketplace to buy and sell sustainable products. It is a platform to
    create more awareness towards consuming environment friendly products and also creating
    demand and availing easy access to everything eco-friendly under one portal.

    2. Where are you located?
    Ans- Emusa is an online platform serving pan India customer base, Headquartered at Hyderabad,

    3. How to register as seller on Emusa?
    Ans- Click on the link below-
    You will need below information to register for free:
    a) Your business details & its basic information
    b) Your contact details- email and phone number
    c) Tax registration details (PAN & GST) (GST Details are mandatory if you are listing taxable
    goods and need to be provided at the time of registration)

    4. What are the charges for selling on Emusa?
    Ans- Listing your earth friendly products & services on Emusa is free of cost. We charge you when
    you get an order via Emusa.

    5. What are the different fees that Emusa charges?
    6. How can I calculate profitability ?
    7. What products can I sell on Emusa?
    Ans- You can sell organic/eco friendly items from following categories –
    Décor, fashion, pet care, grocery & gourmet food, jewellery, health & personal care, garden &
    outdoors, baby care, hygiene care, gifts, beauty enhancers, books, face masks, fine arts, furniture,
    household sustainable, travel accessories, package foods, toys & games, pottery, ayurvedic,
    addictions, stationary, energy savers, Electric motors, etc

    8. How do I list my products on Emusa?
    Ans- You can use our Website to list products one at a time with step by step guidance, or excel-
    based inventory files to upload your products in bulk(format will be given by Emusa) 
    Some of the details required for listing is as follows- Product title, images, features, offer,

    9. Can I sell outside India through Emusa marketplace?
    Ans- Yes in the future, at present we ship only across pan India.

    10. If I list my products using Emusa, will the customer know that he or she is purchasing
    from me on Emusa marketplace?
    Ans- Yes the products are purchased through Emusa platform, however the seller brand information
    will be displayed for customer’s knowledge.

    11. What next post registration?
    Ans- You will be registered successfully as a seller and will be sent an email with registration
    confirmation along with dashboard access to handle your sales, transaction management, product
    delivery tracking etc thereby all set to increase your sales, make good profits and promote your
    brand successfully.

    12. Will I get my payment upfront?

Ans- You will be paid every 7 days for your sales.

13. Can I cancel my account?
Ans- Yes, the account will be put on hold for a period of 60 days to ensure smooth
closure of transactions which have been made prior to his closure request and this will
be available to the said seller for downloading payment and taxation reports, if

14. How do I manage my orders on Emusa?
Ans- You can view your orders and manage them through Emusa Seller portal. If you are using
our shipment option, you can pack your orders and schedule pickup for our team through your
Seller account. If you choose to store and deliver your products on your own, you need to pack
and ship products to customers and then confirm to the customer about the shipment through
your Seller portal.

15. How can I grow my business on Emusa?
Ans- By choosing premium advertising tools and fast shipping technology & other selling programs
which will be rolled out from time to time will increase your sales 5x times

16. Do you offer protection against fraud?
Ans- Yes, Emusa offer protection against fraud.

17. Im having trouble during registration. Can I get some help?
Ans- Yes, contact our sales support team