Lork KN95 Protective Mask,Pack of 20 Masks

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Earband Disposable mask(Adult Universal Size)High-Performance Filter PM2.5
Anti Pollution Mask
with welded suitable for use with a helmet
superior technology micro-fine filter media
protects from respirable suspended
particulate matter
Unique fit adjusters
provides optimum protection & comfort
Welded outside filter media
Avoids puncture in filter area
elastic welded

Pay Attention
1. Please use as soon as possible after opening.
2. Do not use if you fin outdated packaging is damaged or contaminated.
3. This product cannot be used as a gas mask
4. Should not be worn during sleep.
5. Plase stop using when dizziness or discomfort.
6. People with COPD, cardiovascular disease and pregnant women should use this mask wirh caution
7. In order to achieve better protection, please wear it in the correct way.

Product Infromation

Product Name: Earband Disposable protective Mask
Model no: Lk-KN95
Executive Standard: GB2626-2006
Storage Conditions: Dry, Ventilated and non-corrosive gas
Storage Temperature: -30c to +40c Storage Humidity:less than 80%
Validity period: 1 Year production Date:See the seals