Face Serum For Glowing Skin | Anti Ageing With Grapefruit Extract, 30 ML

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This vitamin c serum is very effective and helps to heal skin within.- Nourished, Hydrated & Clear Skin- Reduces Signs of Fatigue- Enhances Complexion & Brighten Skin- Makes Skin Soft,...

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This vitamin c serum is very effective and helps to heal skin within.

- Nourished, Hydrated & Clear Skin
- Reduces Signs of Fatigue
- Enhances Complexion & Brighten Skin
- Makes Skin Soft, Supple & Smooth
- Non Greasy Look
- Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles
- Completely Organic

We recommend you to use this serum twice a day after properly cleaning your face. Use this specially at night before sleeping for faster results. You can also our sleeping mask for face for deep over night hydration.

Samisha brings you best face serum for glowing skin Vitamin C face serum that will help in reviving the dead complexion and add radiance to the skin. Vitamin C, witch hazel, and hyaluronic acid will help in fading pigmentation and will control ageing, brought by free radicals and makes the skin glow. It will help in reviving dull and aging skin and removes the dead skin cells making the skin look brighter.

Skin will look more luminous, youthful, and refreshed with Samisha Brightening vitamin C face serum. It will help to hydrate and repair skin, boost collagen & remove wrinkles and fine lines, and also even out skin complexion and it will also improve skin luminosity.

It is a 100% natural face serum for glow that is infused from natural ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, basil, green tea, ginger oil, witch hazel and grapefruit extract. It is free from industrial chemicals and artificial colours, so there won't be any side effects or harm to the skin.

It is formulated to help moisturize, nourish and will protect dull, tired and aging skin. It will improve skin texture and appearance giving it a fresh, bright and even look. Witch Hazel present in it will help in clarifying skin, tone pores and give skin a smooth and glowing appearance.

Benefits of Samisha Brightening vitamin C face serum

Fades pigmentation and brightens Skin
Vitamin C in this serum will help in controlling excess melanin production that will improve skin complexion and give the skin a radiant glow. It can be used as skin whitening serum for dark skin as it has vitamin c and hyaluronic acid which hels in making brighter complexion.

Restore the Dull and tired skin
It contains witch hazel which helps in protecting the skin from damages and purifies the skin. It gives radiance to the tired, aging and dull skin. Its a face serum for oily skin as well as its non sticky and quick absorbing.

Maintaining a moisturized skin
It contains Hyaluronic acid which will help in keeping your skin moisturized & soft all day long. Its the best skin whitening serum as it has 20% vitamin c content in it.

No Chemicals used
This face serum is free from all industrial chemicals like parabens, sulphates, artificial colours.
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