Reactivating Phyto Peptide Complex

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Reactivates Hair Growth + Reduces Hair loss + Enriched with Pea Peptide

1. A breakthrough for your hair loss: Redensyl® - a breakthrough ingredient that in recent studies has proven to be the best alternative to hair transplant. That’s the potency of this miracle ingredient. A synergistic blend of 4 molecules, this active ingredient works right in the bulge stem cells (ORSs) and reactivates them. Bulge stem cells are basically a reservoir of hair follicle stem cells, that possess potent properties that help to regenerate hair follicles and the epidermis, thus favouring hair growth. Regenerative medicine researches have in fact shown that Redensyl® gives better results than hair transplant in just 84 days. 2. Volumizing your hair, one strand at a time: A hydrolysed pea protein, Pisum Sativum Peptide is a hero ingredient, when it comes to strengthening your hair. Its technology works by binding tiny protein particles to the hair, thereby forming a protective barrier that eventually helps with hair breakage and eases the damage done to the hair & its cuticles. It also helps to boost hydration in the hair and gives smoothening benefits. The result? You’re left with healthy, voluminous locks that you’d love to flaunt. 3. Together, these revolutionary ingredients work to regulate hair fall and also increase hair growth that shows tangible and impactful results. 4. Suitable for: Reactivating hair growth and help reducing hair loss.