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Detangles + Locks Moisture + Controls Frizz

Hair protection at its best: Pea protein is known for its protective nature that prevents hair damage. It boosts your hair's natural hydration by retaining moisture onto your hair's surface. It also minimises damage caused due to heat styling your hair. Enhance your curls easily: Rice water ferment is a miracle-worker when it comes to enhancing your naturally curls. It reduces damage while giving your curls more definition, shine and strength. It's also extremely effective in reducing frizz. Deep-condition your damaged locks: Murumuru butter helps moisturise your damaged hair by nourishing your hair shafts. It helps reverse hair breakage and dullness and promotes shiny, smooth hair that's soft and easily manageable. A treat for dull and frizzy hair: The wonderful combination of Murumuru butter, pea protein and rice water ferment helps restore your hair to its shiny and healthy form while keeping dullness and frizz at bay. Suitable for: Curly and wavy hair. All our products are Cruelty Free and Dermatologically Tested.