SuperBottoms Dry Feel Langot Pack of 6 cotton Padded langot or Nappy with Gentle Elastics and a SuperDryFeel Layer on top ,Day Dreamer, Size 2 ,Fits 5 10 kg..

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Made In India CPSIA Tested and certified Skin Friendly Economical
Want To Provide Diaper Free Time To Your Baby But Afraid Of The Mess Thats When Dry Feel Langot Comes To The Rescue. These Beauties Are Ideal For Diaper Free Times And Can Hold Up To 1 Pee Depending On The Wetting Pattern Of Each Baby. These Are Specially Designed For Newborn Babies And Infants Who Are Less Than 1 Year Old. Dry Feel Langots Consist Of 3 Layers Of Cotton Padding With A Semi Waterproof Layer To Avoid Leaks. Gentle Elastics With SuperDryFeel Layer Touching The Babys Skin So That They Dont Feel Any Wetness And Discomfort When They Pee In It.It Has Double Loop For 2 Sizing In One Langot To Get A Better Fit