Vs mani&co Curry Leaves Powder 150gms

EMUVs mani&co Curry Leaves Powder 150gms
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Curry leaves, garlic,
urad dal, asafoetida,
tamarind, red chillies,
jaggery, dry coconut
and salt
Allergy information:
Manufactured in a
facility that also
processes peanuts

Every South Indian cook faithfully uses curry leaves as garnishing - and every
kid resolutely discards them. But Paati hit upon a clever way of making sure
we ate these nutrient-laden leaves. She blended them with garlic, dry coconut,
and other condiments. The resulting podi was one of her biggest culinary hits -
the perfect coming together of tangy, sweet, spicy, with the rich flavour of
curry leaves. Try this delicious podi as an accompaniment to dosas and curd
rice, or mix with hot rice and ghee for a serving of comfort food.