Plastic Free Packaging

We prioritize eco-friendly shipping with all orders using 100% recyclable plastic packaging

Minimal Carbon Footprint

Our ongoing mission is to minimize our carbon footprint at every stage, ensuring a sustainable future.

Support Artisans & SMBs

We're dedicated to supporting artisans and SMEs through your purchases, nurturing creativity and economic resilience.

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We sense a paradigm shift. We sense something huge. We know it is here. What people now are looking for are real products made by real people. Consumers are now preferring craftsmanship to mindless mass-production, 100% organic products over genetically curated, earth-aligned over being numbers-driven.

And there are people all over the world that are founding more companies like this. These people are the Buster Douglases against the Mike Tysons of the world, focused to prove to the world that you can build a successful business and make the world a better place, both at the same time. We want such businesses to succeed.

That’s why at EMUSA we do what we do, with pride. We believe that the world’s economy will turn a 360 in this century just as dramatic as it was in the last one but for the better this time!

Pallavi Krishna, Founder

Our sustainability mantra

Begin by Making Sustainable Choices

We can all make a positive impact on both our lives and the environment by simply making
conscious, sustainable choices in our purchases. This helps us contribute to a better world.

Spread the Good Intentions

It is with every good intention of bringing to the forefront the awareness of what sustainability is,
and what being eco-conscious does to an individual, a family, a community and the world, that
EMUSA has been founded on.

Every Rebellion Starts with the single steps

Call it rebellion to turn the tables around, or channelized energy on a single thought or action,
EMUSA can be the starting point from where lives can be changed towards conscious living.


Wonderful curated range of products from Emusa

With Emusa searching and buying sustainable products is a joyful experience! The range is well curated and makes it easy to search for genuine products from reputed sellers.


Great organic selection from reputed brands

Emusa lives up to the high expectations, extremely delighted with the service and support provided by Emusa team. Best of luck!


Pleasantly surprised

Pleasantly surprised with the gifting products. Lots of options to choose from without feeling guilty of the impact of these products on the planet. Great job team Emusa in curating this range! Look forward to buying more...



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Sustainable Family


Indulge in interesting and informative reads on the need to make sustainability a part of your life. Get to know about the little modifications in lifestyle that can bring about a sea-change. Discover how as an individual you are the harbinger of change - not just in mindsets but for our world!