EMUSA (v) – a choice made to buy what is right for you and the planet.

We sense a paradigm shift. We sense something huge. We know it is here.

What people now are looking for are real products made by real people. Consumers are now preferring craftsmanship to mindless mass-production, 100% organic products over genetically curated, earth-aligned over being numbers-driven.

And there are people all over the world that are founding more companies like this. These people are the Buster Douglases against the Mike Tysons of the world, focused to prove to the world that you can build a successful business and make the world a better place, both at the same time. We want such businesses to succeed.

That’s why at EMUSA we do what we do, with pride. We believe that the world’s economy will turn a 360 in this century just as dramatic as it was in the last one but for the better this time!

What we can do in the interim is we can all choose to buy better, create an impact for you and on the planet, and make the world a better place just by doing that.

Birthed from a deep consciousness of the environment and a strong desire to change the landscape of trade and online business in the sustainability space, EMUSA promises to bring about the change that the world wishes to see, for the present generation and for the generations to come.

It is with every good intention of bringing to the forefront the awareness of what sustainability is, and what being eco-conscious does to an individual, a family, a community and the world, that EMUSA has been founded on.

Call it rebellion to turn the tables around, or channelized energy on a single thought or action, EMUSA can be the starting point from where lives can be changed towards progress. EMUSA is not just any online marketplace, it is a decision you take to buy what is of the earth so that the earth in turn benefits too.

Every time each of us chooses to purchase a brand, like the ones found on EMUSA — we take a step closer to that earth. To us, to live with the earth means empowering small to medium sized businesses and collaborating with like-minded businesses in the sustainable market. Any product you see listed on EMUSA means it is eco-friendly, which means it is made of non-toxic, organic, recycled or upcycled materials.