Freesize UNO

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Contents: 1 Multi-size Waterproof Outer 2 pads - 1 Dry Feel Magic Dry Pad and 1 Magic Dry Booster Pad.  Dry Feel Magic Dry Pad consists of 9 layers (after folding)...

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Colour Pop
Love Earth
Save Our Seas
Super Kids
Baby Hearts
Cherry Blossom
Baby Talk
Good Cat-titude
Paw-sitively Happy
I'm Roar-some
Hunny Bummy
Pixie Dust
The Hungry Caterpillar
White Warli
Colours of India
Sugar Rush
Ikat Love
A for Animal
Coloured Skies
Mischief Managed
Very Filmy
Fairy Lights
Fruit Burst
Gully Cricket
Hip Hop Aunty
Great Indian Family
Moon Bugs
Mommy Talk
Wandering Foodie
Melon Splash
Tartan Royale
Purple Love
Project Afforest
Ikat Chevron
Horn Ok Please
Doodle Love
Holly Jolly
Rainbow Twinkles
Splishy Splashy
Mango People
Li'l Crush
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  • 1 Multi-size Waterproof Outer
  • 2 pads - 1 Dry Feel Magic Dry Pad and 1 Magic Dry Booster Pad. 

    Dry Feel Magic Dry Pad consists of 9 layers (after folding) of GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton with a SuperDryFeel™ layer on top to keep baby’s bum dry. Magic Dry Booster Pad is made of 8 layers of Organic Cotton to be used in addition to the Dry Feel Pad for boosting the absorbency of the SuperBottoms Freesize UNO making it ideal for night time use. Foldable design to make the pads dry very fast making it ideal for monsoon, winter seasons.

    Bummy has introduced some changes in the Magic Dry Feel Main Pad 
    - The centre SuperDryFeel™ layer is in cool blue
    - Length is bit shorter than the current version
    These are positive changes and thus do not affect the functionality at all.
    This disclaimer because some orders might receive the new version -
    But it’s still your favourite SuperBottoms, made with 0% compromise!
    Happy Diapering!

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    Colour Pop, Periwinkle, Bandhani, Love Earth, Save Our Seas, Super Kids, Baby Hearts, Cherry Blossom, Baby Talk, Good Cat-titude, Paw-sitively Happy, I'm Roar-some, Hunny Bummy, Pixie Dust, The Hungry Caterpillar, White Warli, Colours of India, Sugar Rush, Ikat Love, Rimzhim, A for Animal, Coloured Skies, Mischief Managed, Shruberry, Very Filmy, Fairy Lights, Gulmohar, Fruit Burst, Gully Cricket, Hip Hop Aunty, Utsav, Great Indian Family, Moon Bugs, Vigyaan, Lullabum, Mommy Talk, Wandering Foodie, Superbum, Compooper, Melon Splash, Tartan Royale, Purple Love, Project Afforest, Ikat Chevron, Horn Ok Please, Festoon, Doodle Love, Supernova, Holly Jolly, Rainbow Twinkles, Splishy Splashy, Mango People, Li'l Crush