What is sustainability? Why does it matter?

The Great Reef is dying, the Taj is losing its charm, the Leaning Tower is leaning precariously close to collapse. Who’s responsible? WE ARE!

The solution lies in sustainability; in opting for a lifestyle that believes in making personal and social changes through choices that counter devastating climate changes to leave our tomorrows with air that is breathable, water which is still drinkable and land that can hold the weight of generations to come.

Why does it matter?

The climate change debate is not a new phenomenon. From the then-times, environment warriors have been preaching about ways to combat climate change. Organizations have been formed and NGOs have been birthed to spread the message - the earth is choking and it is more than our moral responsibility to save it.

We consume from nature, live in it and are an integral part of the tightly knit eco-system. It should come as no surprise to us that saving the earth is saving ourselves. Generation after generation of human neglect and apathy have eroded and looted from this blue planet that we all share.

How do we find a balance? How do we meet the needs of the current generation while leaving abundant resources for the coming one?

This is where “sustainability” comes into the picture. The concept of social responsibility; a weight that every single one of us has to shoulder equally. The need of the hour is to make minor changes in our everyday life that will help the environment flourish and ensure that food, water and energy, are clean, available and accessible to all.

All humans live through cycles of an ecologic footprint, which defines all sorts of requirements for people inhabiting the earth - the consumption rate of energy, fuel, food, air, water and soil per person born.

What are the smaller things that one can do to contribute to a sustainable future?

Take the bus, metro or carpool. One can always fall back on cruelty free, organic staples - be it food or beauty. Turn off fans and lights before leaving a room. Use less water and get any leaks attended to…. The little things we do, all add up to an ocean of difference. Education and awareness of sustainability will lead to a far comfortable and desirable future.

That’s where we come in! Your first step towards sustainability. A conscious action for a better tomorrow!


EMUSA was birthed from a deep consciousness of the environment and a strong desire to change the landscape of trade and online business in the sustainability space. It promises to bring about the change that the world wishes to see, for the present generation and for the generations to come.

EMUSA has been founded on the principle of bringing to the forefront awareness about what sustainability is, and what being eco-conscious does to an individual, a family, a community and how it impacts the world.

At Emusa, we believe in supporting a complete plastic free packaging, consciously trying to reduce the carbon footprint. Products you see listed on EMUSA are eco-friendly, which means they are made of non-toxic, organic, recycled or upcycled materials. We offer a wide range of products for your skin, body, hair, fashion needs, children, health & wellness, home necessities and much more. In fact, we have something, of everything, for everyone!

Now that you’ve switched to a sustainable lifestyle, it’s the right time to click on EMUSA!